Kitashinchi “Koryu” / Owner : Shintaro Matsuo

Shintaro Matsuo was born in 1975 in Suita, Osaka.

At very young age I started cooking for my family and my relatives. I got inspired more and love cooking when my family and relatives appreciated about the food I cook for them.

After graduating High school, I attended Abeno Tsuji Cooking Institute in Osaka. I became more interested when I saw all the training equipment and tools.


After graduating from my cooking institute ,I got more inspiration when I learned how to make “Pea’s source with blue crab” and I thought my self I want to make this food for many customers in the heart of Osaka at Japanese restaurant “Kigawa”.

After I worked for 12 years there I started to work at Shinsaibashi Kitchen called “Niko”.

And also i worked at French Kaiseki “Hoshiya” has been in the business for 35 years at Kitashinchi.


I got a chance to learn lot from my father about the customer service and hospitality. My father was 40 years professional bartender in kitashinchi Osaka. He started his own business at the age of 33. Only very experienced person can get in to Kitashinchi area for business and last for many years.


“Koryu” means “Carved arc like a Willow”.

After all these experiences here I am waiting to serves you delicious traditional Japanese cuisine.  I have 12 counter sittings at my restaurant and I will be preparing delicious traditional Japanese food right in front of you.  You will get a chance to learn about Japanese food culture while you enjoy your cuisine.