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From The Edo period delicious Japanese food from all over the country started to come to Osaka.  Osaka became the city of famous cuisine in Japan and known as “kitchen in the world”.

The fertile Kawachi plain where Yamato River flows is now called “Naniwa”. Naniwa means the garden of fish. Where you can find all different kind of fresh fish and seafood from all over the country and other parts of the world.

“Kyoto’s flavor, Osaka’s eating flavor.”
Kyoto is known as Japan’s most beautiful city with light taste of delicious Japanese food. But Osaka is known as a traditional and exotics Japanese cuisine.

In Koryu, we want to express our own Osaka cuisine with added our own flexible essence based on this fact.

At my restaurant I prepare my own original Japanese cuisine by using local Natural spring water from the place called Minou in Osaka.

You will have chance to taste Osaka’s local seasonal and fresh food.

先附 (Sakizuke)
The starter Dish will give you better feel of seasonal freshness of the food. To meet your expectation we will serve you more delicious seasonal course dish to impress you more.

小鉢 (Kobachi)
All the dish are carefully prepared by using local seasonal vegetables.

魚庭 (Naniwa)
Main Fish Dish is 5 different types of fresh fish from all over the country. It is prepared in very delicate and delicious Japanese traditional style.

煮物椀 (Nimonowan)
To give the food a better fresh and healthy flavor we use most famous and seasonally made various stocks made by Kelp from Hokkaido Dounan area and Bonito from Makurazaki.

旬菜 (Syunsai)
Japanese Cabbage dish
Carefully hand picked and prepared you must try and taste the delicacy.

魚肴 (Fish)
First class charcoal is been used to grill fish and vegetables so you can enjoy the original natural taste.

猪口 (Choko)
The next dish is served to wash your mouth to live the better taste of all the delicious food you ate to day.

肉肴 (Miyazaki Beef)
Most beef dish,we use A5 ranked miyazaki cattle. These cattle are raised in a very natural environment In Miyazaki Part of Japan and slaughtered for beef before they turned adult.

course ¥20,000(It will change depending on season and price of ingredients.)
※Tax is not Included in the price. The tax will be added to your total amount.